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RYOEI's EcoShot® for your Die Casting challenges - #1

There are many challenges die casters can face with their production- cost, defects, cycle time, and downtime- to name a few.

Specialized in die lubricant spray systems, RYOEI can help you overcome these challenges and improve your production with our EcoShot® spray system.

In this series of articles, we will show you our solutions to your problems.

Problem: Lubricant application process makes the overall cycle time longer.

The two most time-consuming steps in die casting are:

1) Die cooling and solidification time

2) Die spraying of lubricant and air blow

Reducing the time spent on either of there two processes can significantly shorten the overall casting cycle time.


By integrating RYOEI's EcoShot® into your die casting process, die casters can achieve cycle time control with simulation, reduced air blow time, and reduced spray time.

Cycle Time Control with Simulation

Robotic movement, air blow time, and die spraying time can be fine-tuned during the simulation process to minimize cycle time. Determine the most efficient nozzle placements based on your die design to minimize robotic movement and die lubrication time. Adjust air blow time and die lubrication spray pattern to achieve your cycle time objectives prior to the installation of your spray system.

Reduced Air Blow Time

EcoShot® reduces or eliminates air blow time required for die lubricant spreading and removal of excess lubricant. Lubricants are applied in precise quantities in the correct area of the die.

Case Study

We performed a case study and compared our customer's original die lubrication system (water-based, flooding spray) with EcoShot®. In this particular application of EcoShot®, the customer requested a minimal pulse spray pattern with a low-dilution water-based lubricant. With EcoShot®, our customer achieved a 7-second reduction in total cycle time, reduction of die lubricant volume by 99.5%, reduction of air blow time by over 65% and a cost per shot reduction of 65% equal to 3 cents per shot.

Through integrating EcoShot® into their casting process, die casters can expect dramatic improvements in die casting cycle time with any type of lubricant. When switching from water-based die flooding to minimal spray with a water-diluted lubricant, customers can expect up to an 80% reduction in air blow time and an up to 95% decrease in lube volume. Die casters switching from water-based to water-free or oil-based lubricants can experience up to 90% reduction in air blow time and up to a 95% decrease in lubricant volume.

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