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Casting Inspection Services

Inspection and other services for casted parts

EcoClear softens water and removes scale from steel and iron surfaces. Its anti-corrosive eect on aluminium, copper, and steel protects your equipment and keeps it functioning smoothly. Use EcoClear to maintain or clean die cooling channels, machined parts, machine tools, and more.

  • Removal of scale and mineral residue from surfaces

  • Soften water and break down oil, algae, and bacteria

  • Protects rubber parts from breakdown in water

  • Anti-corrosive effect on aluminum, copper, and steel pipes

  • Safe cleaning agent

  • Biodegradable and RoHS Compatible

Ryoei C Coated Aluminum Before.jpg

Coated Part Before RYOEI C

Ryoei C Coated Aluminum.jpg

Coated Part After RYOEI C

Ryoei c befor after pistons.png

Pistons Before RYOEI C

Ryoei c befor after pistons.png

Pistons After RYOEI C

Micro CT Scanning Inspection


RYOEI utilizes a micro CT scanner to measure internal defects up to 0.5mm in size in aluminum castings, non-destructively and three-dimensionally. We provide raw data and analysis, calculating the number of defects, defect rate, and maximum defect volume for a sample volume output, with a lead time of approximately 1 week (depending on quantity and customer location). We inspect castings with the following dimensions:

  • Max width: Φ 200 mm

  • Maximum height: 300 mm

  • Maximum total wall thickness: 60 mm

Mass Spectroscopy

Mass Spectroscopy_edited.png

We perform mass spectroscopy to determine the concentration of various elements in a steel sample, delivering you with an in-depth analysis of steel quality (using SHIMADZU’s GAS CHROMATOGRAPH_GC-8A). Our process identifies the following gases: H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2, C2H4,  and C2H6.

  • Mass range: 100g to 2500g

  • Size: Φ 150 x 200

  • Lead time: About 1 week (varies depending on quantity and customer location)

Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing-01.png

We provide thorough data and analysis about the hardness of casted and forged products, thereby allowing you to assess your process and selected alloy.

  • Test type: Vickers hardness test

  • Equipment used: Akashi HV-114

  • Test load: 5Kn

  • Lead time: About 1 week (depending on quantity and customer location)

Tensile Strength Testing

tensile strength-01.png

We deliver data and analyses regarding the resistance of materials, allowing you to ensure that the quality of your products conforms to your customer’s expectations. Unlike the hardness measurement device which measures a material’s resistance to compression, the tensile strength measures the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking. We provide data on test stress, proof stress, test force, and elongation. 

  • Load capacity: 50 kN

  • Test speed: 0.0005 to 1000 mm / min

  • Equipment used: SHIMADZU (AG-1)

  • Lead time: About 1 week (depending on quantity and customer location)

Optical Microscope


RYOEI cuts, polishes and magnifies castings using an optical microscope to investigate internal structure and identify defects.

  • Maximum magnification: 1000x

  • Equipment used: KEYENCE, Nikon

  • Lead time: About 1 week (depending on quantity and customer location)​

Electron Microscope


RYOEI utilizes an electron microscope to provide detailed analyses on the surface of casted and forged parts. . 

  • Maximum magnification: 5000x

  • Equipment used: KEYENCE

  • Lead time: About 1 week (depending on quantity and customer location)

Other Services

  • Liquid density testing using the immersion method

  • Residual stress measuring using strain gauges

  • 3D mapping with Mitutoyo’s Crysta-Apex C121210

  • T5 Heat treatment (used for T5 treatment, permanent growth, etc.) 

    • Low temperature oven: Maximum temperature of 280 ° C and maximum part size of (L) 1200 x (W) 1600 x (H) 1000

    • High temperature oven: Maximum temperature of 1100 ° C and maximum part size of (L) 100 x (W) 250 x (H) 150

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