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For clearing rust and scale from die cooling channels, steel components, and more

EcoClear softens water and removes scale from steel and iron surfaces. Its anti-corrosive effect on aluminium, copper, and steel protects your equipment and keeps it functioning smoothly. Use EcoClear to maintain or clean die cooling channels, machined parts, machine tools, and more.

  • Removal of scale and mineral residue from surfaces

  • Soften water and break down oil, algae, and bacteria

  • Protects rubber parts from breakdown in water

  • Anti-corrosive effect on aluminum, copper, and steel pipes

  • Safe cleaning agent

  • Biodegradable and RoHS Compatible

Thermal Control Units (Internal Cooling Channels)




TCU Before 3-01.png
TCU Before 2-01.png
TCU Before 1-01.png
TCU After 3-01.png
TCU After 2-01.png
TCU After 1-01.png

An EcoClear 200-fold dilution was circulated through a die thermal control unit using a closed-loop pump system for 29 hours.


Scale and rust are effectively removed, improving flow rate and maintaining die cooling abilities. No corrosion of the die's cooling channels occurs.

RYOEI provides closed-loop pumping systems designed to maximize descaling in thermal control units when used with EcoClear. 

Coated Weldments




Coated Parts-01.png
Coated Parts after-01.png

Coated weldments are restored to their original condition using EcoClear.





Pistons Before-01.png
Pistons After-01.png

Pistons are submerged in an EcoClear solution to improve lustre and surface finish.

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