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About EcoShot


We are an industrial automation company specializing in providing die casters with state-of-the-art die lubrication systems

EcoShot (formerly RYOEI USA) is a full-service industrial automation provider specializing in die-casting that supplies state-of-the-art products and services for OEMs. Our automation systems include die spray systems, sorting equipment, pallet changers, material handling systems, equipment inspection, and much more. 

Our customer-first policy is what guides our innovation and service. We anticipate and respond to customer needs and develop better, faster, and more cost-effective solutions for OEMs.

Our Mission

EcoShot’s mission is to spearhead innovation and remain at the forefront of global industry development to provide manufacturing solutions that optimize the flow of products and maximize customer value. We continue to advance our R&D capabilities and combine them with our technical know-how and outstanding workmanship to create systems that elevate the performance of manufacturing processes.

Our Customer-Centric Approach

Business Conversation
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RYOEI USA Ecoshot Spray System

1. Consult and Plan

  • Define your requirements

  • Align our technology to your needs and processes

2. Design and Build

  • Adhere to strict design and manufacturing standards

  • Provide cost-effective, customized solutions

  • Bring expertise and personal attention to your project

3. Deliver and Integrate

  • Work with your team to install and integrate your custom automation system

  • Oversee trial production and quality checks

  • Provide in-depth instruction on equipment operations

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