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FANUC Robot Service and Repair

For timely preventative maintenance and repair by our team of experts

Preventative Maintenance

Extend the life of your machine, to keep your robot cell producing efficiently for as long as possible

  • Change lubricants to ensure robot arm functions smoothly and withstands wear

  • Change batteries to protect robot memory

  • Clean controller to keep your robot cell producing efficiently

  • Clean robot arm to eliminate harmful and abrasive buildup of grease and grime

  • Check voltage levels to protect components and prevent unexpected downtime

  • Measure repeatability to assess the consistency of results

  • Visual inspection address wear, irregular motion, and more before it becomes a problem

  • Backup controller memory to ensure you never lose your valuable programming data

  • Fill out service report to ensure complete satisfaction with our maintenance work

FANUC Repair

  • Dispatch experts to diagnose and repair your FANUC Robot as quickly as possible

  • Timely technical support for remote assistance

Installation and Startup Assistance

Ensure a streamlined start and peak performance of your new robot cell

  • Installation and startup assistance by our technical team

  • Authorized FANUC Integrator status

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