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EcoShot® Die Spray Simulation

Want to minimize cost and downtime for spray system installation?

Integrating new equipment can be costly and time-consuming — especially when on-site adjustments need to be made during or after equipment installation. RYOEI can help solve these problems with our EcoShot® Die Spray Simulation. EcoShot® uses advanced simulation to optimize cycle time, improve part quality, and minimize downtime. Our EcoShot® Simulation can help you verify your die lube thickness, nozzle placement/tip variety/quantity, spray pattern, robotic movement, cycle time, and more.

Minimize Cycle time & Streamline Robotic Movement

With EcoShot® Die Spray Simulation, we can pre-program the robot offline and confirm its trajectories, ensuring there is no interference in the work cell. Confirming the robotic movement reduces the risk of damaging the robot and spray cassette during start-up when the potential for robot crashes is greatest.

EcoShot® Die Spray Simulation also enables cycle time to be predicted and adjusted to match your objectives, through simulation of the time required for spraying and robotic movement. Virtual adjustments can be made to reach your cycle time objectives upon actual system start-up.

Optimize Lubricant Film Thickness, Nozzle Placement, and Spray Pattern

EcoShot® Die Spray Simulation allows us to optimize nozzle quantity and placement, spray volume, angles, and film thickness to achieve the desired lubricant thickness on each area of the die. Experience total control over your die lubrication process: Know when each nozzle is spraying, for how long, in what pattern, and over what area of the die.

Bring Simulation Results to Life

With over 300 global installations of EcoShot®, our simulation results have been tried and proven by countless die casters. See your simulation results come to life as you upload your robotic and spray programs to your cell. The videos below offer a side-by-side comparison of our die spray simulation (left) and our actual system running (right).

Reduce Downtime with EcoShot® Simulation-Enabled Virtual Troubleshooting

RYOEI customers can opt to allow us to access spray programming remotely to assist in troubleshooting. With global locations in multiple time zones, we can offer timely remote support at any time of day.

When one customer experienced galling issues, they pointed out the areas of their die that required more lubrication (above). We worked with them to virtually adjust the spray program using our die spray simulation software (simulation video below). Within minutes, our customer had uploaded new robotic and spray programs that resolved their galling issues.

Obtain Detailed Spray Simulation Reports

EcoShot® Die Spray Simulation allows you to understand your spray process before the installation of equipment in your facility. After completing our die spray simulation, you will receive a thorough report of the findings including but not limited to lubricant thickness, spray nozzle placement, nozzle selection, spray pattern selection, and cycle time. We provide separate, detailed reports for fixed and moving dies. If any adjustments are required on cycle time, lubricant thickness, or spray pattern, we work with you to meet your die spray objectives.

Reduce Setup Time with EcoShot® Laser Calibration

Eliminate the need for nozzle adjustment during installation to minimize downtime with EcoShot® Simulation and laser calibration. With laser calibration, we match up points of your die to points on our die spray simulation. With laser calibration, after uploading our robot and die spray programs to your spray system, you can be confident that die spray results will closely match simulations. Our laser calibration provides spray accuracy to within 1/16 in (2mm) of die features.


With optimized cassette design, lubricant thickness, spray pattern, cycle time, setup time, and troubleshooting, EcoShot® Simulation offers numerous tangible benefits for die casters looking to improve their die lubrication process. Make die spray system integration and operation a breeze with the EcoShot® Simulation, and experience a transformative difference in your cycle time, part quality, and productivity.

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