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Telescopic Transfer System

Streamlined material handling with our cost-effective alternative to robotic automation

  • Automate the intra-facility transfer of parts

  • Multi-directional telescopic conveyor system with long-reaching transfer capabilities 

  • Space-efficient substitute for robotic material handling  and feeding systems

  • Contracts to just 2.43' (740 mm), allowing for efficient use of space

  • Enhance workplace safely by ceasing movement instantaneously upon impact with people or objects

  • Ideal for collaborative robot applications

  • Purchase the standard unit or integrate into an existing system 

Substitute for Robotic Automation

With its 6.56' (2 m) reach and a base that rotates 120° and stretches by 0.46' (140 mm) in height, our telescopic transfer system is a space-efficient substitute for robotic automation.

Efficient Use of Space

Utilize our telescopic transfer system to efficiently use factory space and add material handling solutions without changing factory layout. Our compact system contracts to just 2.43' (740 mm) wide.

Built-In Safety

Our telescopic transfer system ceases movement instantaneously upon impact with people and objects, enhancing workplace safety and making it the ideal solution for human-machine interaction. 


  • Expanded reach: 6.56' (2 m)

  • Contracted width: 2.43' (740 mm)

  • Rotation: 120°

  • Height: expands and contracts by 0.46' (140 mm), total height varies

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