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Oil Film Confirmation Unit

For analyzing application of oil-based lubricant and detecting oil leaks

Our handheld Oil Film Inspection Unit uses ultraviolet light to detect oil leaks or assess application of oil-based release agents. With this device, you can streamline inspection for oil leaks or identify an excess/deficiency of oil-based lubricant.

  • Detects and displays oil film on monitor

  • Functions in areas with ambient light

  • Easy-to-use handheld unit

  • Can alternate between one-shot camera mode for stationary images and inspection mode for live video

  • Saves images for later review

  • Compare oil film application in multiple images

Detect Oil Regardless of Ambient Light

Our Oil Film Inspection Unit filters out ambient light to display fluorescence only, enabling accurate oil detection in places with ambient light.

Oil film inspection-01-01.png
Handy Oil Film Inspection-01.png
Oil film inspection-01.png

Steel Pipe


LM Guide

Compare Lubricant Application

Assess your spray pattern by comparing the thickness of oil-based lubricants on two different images.

oil film inspection-not ideal-01.png
Oil film inspection-ideal application-01
Oil film inspection-comparison-01.png

Ideal Application

Sub-Optimal Application

Oil Film Comparison

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