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Internal Cooling Valve

For even cooling, reduced parts defects, and decreased cycle time

  • Targeted hot-spot cooling with water channels

  • Offers more responsive and precise control than competing cooling systems

  • Complete system with HMI and electrical system

  • Feedforward die cooling control

  • 5-station system

  • 5 flow rate patterns

  • Centralized control

  • High precision valves and sensors

Internal Cooling Valve Technology

Our compact, 5-station system with centralized control employs high-precision valves and sensor technology to produce 5 flow rate patterns for flexible cooling control. The rapid flow adjustment response rate enables immediate targeting of hot-spots, allowing even cooling. This advanced cooling system reduces the occurrence defects and cold shuts, creating the ideal cooling conditions for today’s light weight, thin-walled die castings.

Screenshot (315).png

Technical Specifications

  • Response rate: 0.5 seconds

  • Conditions: 1.0MPa, 85°C (185°F)

  • Durability: 300,000 shots

  • Size: Width 4.1 inch/105mm, length 6.9 inch/175 mm, height 9.4 inch/240mm

  • Flow rate: 10.6 gal/min or 40L/min

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