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Deburring and Degating

For streamlined deburring and degating of castings

Pneumatic Hammer

Seamlessly remove runners, risers, gates, and more

  • Air hammer for degating castings

  • Knocks off runners, risers, gates, feeders, sprue, and more

  • Full automation with robot integration

Circular Saw

For automated removal of runners, risers, gates, and more

  • Blade speed calibrated to your needs based on casting hardness

  • Fully automated with robot integration for high volume cells

Grinding Wheels

For high precision grinding of casted products

  • Offers high precision for optimal quality

  • Best for high-volume cells

Grinding Belts

For flexible deburring that can be conformed to a variety of casting shapes

  • No dressing required

  • Best for frequent repurposing  and change of die or low-volume cells

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