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CT Scanner

For automated detection and analysis of internal defects in die casted parts 

  • Automatically sort tolerable and intolerable defects; no visual inspection required

  • Color code by porosity size

  • Negative-space imaging of cavities and defects

  • Compare CT and CAD data

  • Selective viewing of machined areas

Selected Viewing of Machined Areas

If your casted part requires machining or secondary operations, porosity can be a major concern. Our software enables streamlined analysis by displaying internal defects on machined areas of the casting. Machine tolerance is also taken into consideration as the software analyses which internal defects are tolerable or intolerable based on your secondary processes.​

Part-to-CAD Comparison

RYOEI’s CT scanner can compare CT surface data with CAD files, to ensure a detailed analysis of part quality. With part-to-CAD comparison after initial shots, modify your molds early on and reduce trial and error and scrap rate.

Color Coding Porosity by Volume

CT Color Sort.png

For efficient visual inspection, our software color-codes internal defects according to volume. Visualize the size and locations of porosity to streamline your inspection process.

Negative-Space Imaging of Cavities and Defects

Negative Space CT Blue.png

Dimensional Inspection of Internal Space

CT Dimensional Inspection.png
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