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Belt, roller, vibratory or magnetic, custom-made for your needs

Belt Coneyors

Rubber, plastic, or steel belt conveyors for light to medium weight loads

  • Provides control over orientation of the load

  • Control accumulation and merging

  • Custom-made according to your dimensional and technical requirements

Roller Conveyor

Custom designed and manufactured powered or non-powered conveyors for rigid materials

Gravity (Non-Powered) Roller Conveyor

  • has controlled speed using carefully selected slope according to your product weight

  • Ideal for accumulation loads

  • Robust substitute for wheel conveyors

  • Suited for heavy duty applications


​Live (Powered) Roller Conveyor​​

  • Provides limited incline movement capabilities

  • For accumulating loads

  • Suitable for longer transport distances

Magnetic Conveyors

For reducing downtime and dimensional constraints when transporting ferrous materials

  • Transport ferrous materials vertically or upside down

  • Reduce downtime with lowered risk of jamming (compared to regular belt conveyor)

  • Custom-made according to your dimensional and technical requirements 

Vibratory Conveyor

For conveying individual components or parts

  • Low maintenance due to minimum moving parts and lack of belts and pulleys

  • Substitute for belt conveyors, which have higher risk of jamming

  • Increase safety with eliminated risk of injury from moving parts

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