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AI Surface Inspection System

For automatic detection of defects on machined surfaces

  • Uses AI to automatically sort tolerable and intolerable defects on machined surfaces

  • Classifies defects into categories, such as shrinkage defects, chips, and machining traces  

  • Identifies defects as small as 0.02” (0.5 mm) under ideal conditions*

  • Uses 3-way lighting for enhanced accuracy and detail  

  • Reduce the number of people required in your inspection process**


* Environmental factors such as poor lighting or mist, and variation in part size, finish, and color may affect accuracy​.

** We recommend continued human supervision to facilitate AI learning and ensure minimal error rate.

AI Powered Inspection

Our cutting-edge surface inspection system enables you to automatically sort surface defects into categories such as chips, machining marks, and porosity. With this feature, you can assess different stages of your production process to enable targeted, strategic, and impactful improvements to your production processes.​

We utilize data according to your needs and specifications to facilitate machine learning, so that your AI-powered surface inspection system is catered to your production process. 


Enhanced Detail With 3-Way Lighting

Our surface inspection system utilizes 3-way lighting to accurately distinguish types of defects. Red, blue, and green lights shine onto the machined surface from different angles to create detailed images

Surface AI.jpg

Image without 3-way lighting: little distinction between defects, dirt, and machining marks 

surface AI 2.png

Image with 3-way lighting: defects are bright red and green, dirt is orange, and machining marks are purple 

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